It’s Harvest Time!

harvest time

As I see how the leaves are now quickly falling from the trees, I notice how suddenly they are everywhere–even when I just took care of them about 2 days ago! So, I am reminded how the harvest is increasing; and souls will be saved like leaves falling from the trees! We must be prepared to take care of them and bring them in–and not stop until it is over!

It is a time of acceleration and we will need to run with Jesus to keep up! He is very excited and joyful about this great coming harvest–His inheritance! We must also stay in the river of the Spirit for our strength. Though we may only be wading in the river now, it will grow deeper and deeper until we are swimming in it! (Ezekiel 47). We will be washed and receive His strength and purity. And we will see many signs and wonders–which will in turn lead many, many more into the kingdom and to the river! It is a time of great light and darkness, a time when both the wheat and the tares are reaching maturity! It’s harvest time!! (Isaiah 60, Matthew 13, Joel 2:28-32)

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