The Book
Have you ever been confused by the widely varied views held on the end times by many different theologians, authors, speakers and presented by various forms of media? Have you ever wondered what the Lord would say about it? The Father’s Heart and Purpose for the End Times is a simple journey through the Word of God with a focus on the end times. With much more scripture than commentary, the book provides you a tool to listen to the Father’s heart, soak in His truths, and to build courage and strength to fulfill your role in the terrible and beautiful days ahead.

Book Cover Front

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Cover Art
James Nesbit is a leading prophetic artist who has an unusual ability to help the Body of Christ see eternal reality through the gift of art. The work of art on the cover of “The Father’s Heart and Purpose of the End Times” is a new release entitled “Awakening Embrace.” Learn more about James Nesbit and his artwork at www.jnesbit.com

The Blog
The Father’s Heart and Purpose for the End Times blog opens up further discussion on the times in which we live, including: prophetic word, exhortation and scriptural encouragement.

The Author
Stuart and his wife, Heidi, have 40 years of collective experience in various forms of ministry and business. Their areas of focus have been a unique and diverse blend of prayer, mentorship, evangelism, outreach, strategy, marketing, product management, real estate, design and mixed martial arts. Stuart and Heidi reside in Oklahoma, and have seven children.

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