Let Freedom Ring!

Keep Praying – Let Freedom Ring!!

Millions have been praying for our country and for the election…but what we are beginning to see is much greater than what we could ever ask or think! (Ephesians 3:20) Jesus came to set the captive free and break the chains of the prisoner (Isaiah 61). Many have been led to pray for the exposure of corruption…which was primarily in regards to the US election. However, what is starting to be exposed now is a system of corruption used to keep NATIONS in bondage. This system was invented for Venezuela, with the help of Cuba and Communist China, for the sole purpose of changing the results of “free” elections in order to keep millions of people under the thumb of oppressive dictators. This system was not only used in Venezuela, but also was sold to and used in 30 states in the US election, as well as other nations across the world.

I believe that Jesus is coming to free the captive and will expose and cut off the rotten roots of bondage! As Dr. Francis Myles recently heard the Lord say, “Let my People Go!” So, let’s keep praying!

But, how do we pray?? I once had a powerful dream experience that vividly showed me that the eagles (prophets) come to provide the message that gives direction for the intercessors. After that experience, I was led to read the next few pages of Derek Prince’s book, “War in Heaven.”
In those next few pages, it reiterated the same point as I received in the dream, and then gave the example of Daniel praying during Israel’s captivity for the freedom that was prophesied by the prophet Jeremiah. Those prayers initiated a war in the heavens that took 21 days for the first message to finally break through…and that was just the beginning! Praying with endurance and perseverance was key (recently, the Lord had been teaching me about the connection between the Key of David – Authority – and Perseverance (Revelation 3:7-13)). After much prayer and revelation, breakthrough and freedom finally came at the decree of Cyrus. However, it still took the courage of the people to rise up under opposition and mocking voices, to rebuild the wall and the temple and to defend themselves.

Today, we have the voices of many seasoned prophets giving direction to our prayers. You can simply look them up on Facebook, YouTube, etc. Prophets like Dutch Sheets, Clay Nash, Bobby Conner, Bonnie Jones, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, Jeremiah Johnson, Jane Hammon, James Goll, etc. There is actually great unity in the message of the prophets right now in regards to praying for our country. We also have the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to direct us…including simply praying in tongues. (And if you still don’t know what to pray, you can always pray “Let Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done on Earth – and in the US – as it is in Heaven!”)

As for me, since mid-2016, I have been personally led to pray for Donald Trump according to Isaiah 45. Cyrus was the heathen king used by God to set the captive Israelites free, blessing Israel and the people of God. It says in that chapter that though Cyrus did not know God, he would obey Him and eventually know Him (So that is how I am praying now…that President Trump would grow closer and closer to God, even as he goes into his 2nd term as President). But, my favorite part of the chapter is what happens next…

“…Declare and present your case;
Indeed, let them consult together.
Who has announced this long ago?
Who has long since declared it?
Is it not I, the Lord?
And there is no other God besides Me,
A righteous God and a Savior;
There is none except Me.
Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth;
For I am God, and there is no other.
I have sworn by Myself;
The word has gone out from My mouth in righteousness
And will not turn back,
That to Me every knee will bow, every tongue will swear allegiance.
They will say of Me, ‘Only in the Lord are righteousness and strength.’
People will come to Him,
And all who were angry at Him will be put to shame.
In the Lord all the offspring of Israel
Will be justified and will boast.”
~Isaiah 45:21-28 (NASB)

Jesus is King!!

(Another thing that the Lord reminded me of was that during election night, He gave me the impression to “Pray for Pennsylvania” with the inclination to reveal corruption. Today, I was reminded that the Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the center of the current corruption controversy. On the Liberty Bell, it is inscribed, “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof.” We need to pray that the rotten roots of bondage and corruption are exposed and removed!)

Thank you, Jesus, for the Freedom that You Have Provided!! Let Freedom Ring Again! Amen!

The Mount of Olives

“Now during the day He was teaching in the temple, but at evening He would go out and spend the night on the mount that is called Olivet. And all the people would get up early in the morning to come to Him in the temple to listen to Him.”
~Luke 21:37-38 (NASB)

I find it very interesting that Jesus’ favorite place of intimacy either the Father, also became one of the greatest places of interaction between heaven and earth…

  • Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives through the night before walking on the water towards the disciples in the boat
  • Jesus prayed on the Mount of Olives before going out and praying for and healing and delivering the masses
  • Jesus rode in on the donkey on the Mount of Olives
  • Jesus tought His disciples about His return and the events leading up to it on the Mount of Olives
  • Jesus ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives
  • Jesus will return to earth on the Mount of Olives – and when He does, the Mount of Olives will split in two!!

The Peacemakers

The Peacemakers

I’ve never seen some many doves. They’ve been all over the place…even in the streets as I’ve been driving around town. This morning when I got up, there were three on the power line outside the window.

When we see doves, we often think of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent to look for those upon whom He can rest…a person of peace and rest in the Lord in the midst of troubled times. It’s similar to when Noah sent a dove to go on ahead to see if it could find a place where the Ark could rest amidst the troubled waters.

We are coming close to the end of one age and entering into a new age of peace. We call it the millennium (Rev. 20:1-6). But we can see how the end of this age, there is a strong temptation to be drawn into the opposite of peace…a temptation to be drawn into anger, violence and rage. However, we are ambassadors of heaven…and of God’s peace in troubled times. Those who want to participate in the age of peace, must first allow the Prince of Peace to rule and reign in their hearts.

In this time, we need to have the patience and endurance of the church of Philadelphia. If we have endurance and patience to continue to walk in the love and peace of God, He will keep us safe through these troubled times…and He will make us a pillar in His sanctuary and He will write upon us His Name, as well as the name of the City of God (Rev. 3:7-13).

“Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
For they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.”
~Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:5-9, NKJV)